INDEPENDENCE By Harvey Deutschendorf

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INDEPENDENCE "The Other Kind of Smart" Book by Harvey Deutschendorf – Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. Excerpts Chapter 9, Pg.65,67,3,4, Independent people constantly strive to be masters of their own destiny. They prefer to think and make decisions on their own path rather than follow the prevailing [...]

THE FAROE ISLANDS BY Travel Journalist Wolf Leichsenring

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The Faroe Islands The smooth road between continental Europe and Iceland has more to offer than its reputation. The sweet to rugged archipelago in the North Atlantic, ahead of us - not just sheep, but a thriving capital, unique nature experiences, of unsurpassable bird life. The capital Tórshavn (15,000 inhabitants) proudly bears its name [...]


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REGRETS Oh I wish I hadn’t said that or I wish I hadn’t done that. Its those things we say, do, or don’t do that cause us to have regrets. We all have that inner voice that knew the right thing to do or say, but the “other” voice is what won out and [...]

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