SEEING 2020 BY Art Kuhl

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"SEEING 2020" By Art Kuhl ‘SEEING 2020” As the new year has arrived, what is your vision for 2020? Is it going to be more of the same of 2019 or are you seeing a fresh new start with a vision of many new and good things in your future. Do you know when [...]

Microbiome Treatment For Mental Disease? by Dr. Chris Gilbert

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Heal the Mind to Heal the Body Could Our Microbiome Treat Mental Disease and Other Illnesses? The possible healing properties of our poop. Please join Dr. Chris Gilbert monthly on LifeTalk Podcasts Author & Speaker: Chris Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D. Author of “The Listening Cure” (SelectBooks 2017)

WHY NEW YEARS Resolutions ? BY Mariette Kammerer

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WHY NEW YEARS Resolutions? By Mariette Kammerer   Excuse me, what does that mean? One comes up with new resolutions for themselves just because the calendar changes? What happens for the next 12 months? What happens every month, every day? A Big FAT NOTHING! Everyone is signing up to lose weight, looking for courses [...]


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A CARDIAC SURGEON'S INSPIRING STORY OF SUCCESS AND OVERCOMING ADVERSITY - THE HEART WAY Why write a book? For years, I’ve had a progressive, inescapable sense of obligation to share my story, to share the countless invaluable lessons I learned chasing my American Dream. Having scratched and clawed every step of the way along this [...]

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