The Listening Cure A Healing-Secret Exercise by Dr. Chris Gilbert

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“The Listening Cure” Healing Secrets of an unconventional Doctor  by Dr. Chris Gilbert Excerpt - A Healing-Secret Exercise   Concentrate on your stomach after you finish dinner. What feeling do you have in your stomach? If your stomach could express that feeling with words, what would it say? Choose one sentence of your choice [...]

ALL MY VALENTINES BY Mariette Kammerer

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ALL MY VALENTINES By Mariette Kammerer Creator/Artist /Photo: Joachim Ulsamer, Germany "Our Life Path" was a Youth Project Joachim Ulsamer created. All of the people I work with on radio, podcast, in magazine, on web sites, authors, writers,  I have hand-picked and across the board every one of them has incredible skills and talents. [...]


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TAKE HEART The winter is whizzing by and soon we will be going through the month of February which has several very special days in it, the first of which is one of my favorites “Groundhog Day”. Most of us in the more mature age group have seen the movie with that name “Groundhog [...]

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