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A Good Book By David Holdefer

I am asking questions in my mind concerning…inner poise and inner peace.  I’ve found that the practice of patience, true exacting patience, is a key to calmness and a key to understanding the will of God.  Patience must also be coupled with honesty and love for the realization of the meaning of true understanding.  Substitutions must be made – replacing free will with self-discipline, replacing lust with love (not only physically, but mentally in ideas and thought patterns); replacing anger with patience and understanding.  All these things take practice; practice through daily prayer.

Further Substitutions: Substitute reliability of the Infinite for the illusionary falseness of the finite; infinite power for finite energy, infinite knowledge for limited mind, and infinite bliss for bodily happiness. If search is necessary, search for the resources of Infinite Power, Infinite Knowledge and Infinite Bliss.  The energy found in either worldly resources or in the depths of human mind are not Infinite and cannot sustain the person seeking the Infinite.  The intelligence or imaginative thoughts of the mind are still illusion and could never sustain the Infinite.  And happiness has an opposite, misery.  Finite happiness cannot sustain infinite bliss….

“In this world, there are only two tragedies.  One is getting what one wants and the other is not getting it.” – Oscar Wilde

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