What makes a person say that they appreciate living? Something had to happen in their life, what is the story behind their words?

Of course, as soon as you hear the person say those words you will know ( if you pay attention).

Now, many of us do not pay attention and it goes right by us – pay attention to the spoken word and the choice of words.

A person has to care first of all and pay attention when engaged in a conversation. Should have  an elevated level of awareness and intuition. It takes thousands and thousands of hours training , years and years of solid work history, connecting and working with people, to actually hear what people are not saying.

What always amazes me how people claim to be coaches after they experienced a certain encounter, divorce or ending of a relationship as an example and now they are life experts . They write books and want to tell the rest of the world what they should be doing. I have met to many of them and they are a true disappointment. I am putting it ‘mildly’.

One can only appreciate living if they have weathered the storms of life which have given them strength , vision, endurance and determination to never give up. The real coach, who is the Life GUIDE is a person who has mastered adversity and still standing, better than ever before. Not the person who just paid a quick sum of money, got their certificate and a booklet on’ how to make your life better’.  It’s a joke, but this is what’s happening around us. A quick buck for certain industries and a promise to the ‘new’ coach to have ‘backing + support’ when needed.  No , thank you.  You will find these ‘coaches’ a year later selling something else. Be AWARE!

I invite you to tell me your story :

Mariette Kammerer – Author & Radio Talk Show Host
Director – KES Educational, Inc.
Business Coach & LifeSkill Coach
Creator – The Healing Mind Magazine
Creator of Conscious Living Retreats & Programs