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Looking For Employment

Most people like to ‘get ahead’ in their jobs. They are ready for more responsibility and a deserved pay raise, or have taken on an additional workload to help out till a new person has been hired.

Time goes on and the realization that the company has no intentions of replacing the open position with a new person and nobody has said a word.

So it’s time to speak up.

A rude awakening comes when one is being told that indeed the position will not be filled and that the company has to save money, in order to keep all current employees and declined an increase in pay for the moment.

That of course is a real shock. I bet a lot of people are going through this or have experienced it.

What to do next?

It really depends on the individual situation and thinking. It depends on the company, is it a temporary thing or your mission from now to handle two jobs and get paid for one.

What I find not acceptable that the person had no say in the matter or very little choice.

How would people react?

Are they happy just to receive a paycheck and help out? Retiring in two years anyway? Or just continuing with the extra work daily and do nothing about it?

Many people in the workforce have chronic illnesses because of reasons such as: anxiety, high blood pressure, fear, family + life issues, lack of voicing your opinion, and work performance is suffering as well.

In my opinion, people are happy to help out, but not doing a job allocated for 2 people indefinitely.

I would highly recommend that person looking at other alternatives and brushing-up on selling self to other companies.

This in itself is a process and going through all the steps gives the person empowerment, clarity as to what they don’t want and it certainly helps to make decisions as to the current work situation.

And, here it comes…..some other company will appreciate you and give a substantial increase for the offered position.

KEEP Moving……

Outside Feed-back

It is so important to know that you, yourself is marketable and for that a ‘mental training-consultation’ is well spend monies, to speak with a qualified coach. Not the person who writes the pretty resumes, just about anybody can do that.

It is how we think, which effect’s our behavior & belief system. Always stay current in order to have a chance to sell yourself.

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“Stress at the work front we know about and that will carry over to other parts of our lives and the other way around as well. Confront what needs to be changed.”

-Mariette Kammerer

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