Eyes Of The Soul by Norma Giannattasio

Eyes of the Soul
You look into my eyes
These eyes you see are not of a young woman
They are aged the years have taken there toll
But when I look back at you i will always see the Man I love with whom I was meant to be with to grow old
At this precious time I can only see , that what really matters is my love for thee
It’s quite wonderful how our minds can only see what we want to see
We are always as young as we choose to be
My eyes will always smile and sparkle when you enter a room of that I’m sure
I can still glance across and see you , find you , without even a chore
I never knew that feeling with anyone before
They say the eyes are the windows to our soul
If this is true I’ve been blessed to see you and adore all thats magical, and all the wonderful moments that we still have in store
That young girl is still inside me
I hope every time you look into my eyes you see her
She’s there for you with her heart and soul
Take her hand to forever hold ❤️
All through the years as we grow old .

Author: Norma Giannattasio