I’m sitting in contemplation of my life writing these thoughts on my phone

I have thoughts of all that I’ve been blessed with in my life

I’m glad, I really never feel alone

I just believe

I must believe in my heart in all that is good

That the people and places in my life are here for me, in the way they should

I think that my mind has much to do with what comes my way

It’s hard to figure out the right things to do and the right things to say

I can easily share my thoughts

I sure do have a mind of my own

I’m lucky I’m able to share my heart so easily

Leaves me open for heartache maybe , but I wouldn’t want it any other way .

My love has put me on a throne please

Don’t color me grey

But believing in god, believing in love, believing in honesty with my family and my love

Helps make it all come true .

It’s. Never perfect , but there are perfect moments .

people aren’t perfect but those many perfect moments will become our perfect memories

. We just have to learn to love deeply

To care deeply.To love ourselves and of course believe .

Life always gets in the way, we do the best we can, that’s for sure

What can I say

The strength you need will come your way, if you just believe !

Author: Norma Giannattasio