Life’s cracks and life’s leaks

By: Gene Thompson

Some years ago I had a session at one of the juvenile facilities in Los Angeles and it was a small group, in fact only two boy’s attended this particular meeting.

But the thing that struck me was how very young these two boys appeared. I thought at first that maybe they were visiting an older brother and somehow got lost, but… that was not the case. I introduced myself and started a conversation with them and they told me that they we’re both actually prisoner’s in the facility.

Wow… I thought to myself and the reason that I was shocked was that I asked their ages and the one that seemed to be the oldest said that he was 12 years old. I then asked the other boy his age and he replied I’m 10 years old, I could have passed… out! after hearing that.

I then asked each of them what they were arrested for. The 12 year old said that he was arrested for stealing and the other said he was arrested for graffiti. I immediately thought to myself where did the parents fit into what happened with these two young boy’s.

So I asked them, The 10 year old said that his mother didn’t spend much time with him and he his father never… came… around, so he did pretty much what he wanted to do. The older boy said that he had both parents at home but he knew that his father stole things and that his mother also knew but was complacent about the bad habit of the father. Do you see here the pattern that’s being set by the parents?

There’s a saying that goes (more is caught than taught) meaning if we’re not careful and attentive to what a child is being exposed to, the child’s way of thinking and viewing the world could be damaged to a great extent and possibly for their entire life.

In chapter one and seven of my book ( The Camillias A Dream With Wings) the Father of one of the main characters whose name is Merrick, gives his son sound teaching about patience and waiting for the appropriate time to learn and experience  the different things that would come with life. So we as Parents and fellow human beings have a very important job to make sure that every child has the opportunity to grow into a fully productive life.

And by each of us filling in that small but big gap that we each possess, with dutiful care for our children, we can fill in the cracks and leaks that would destroy their lives.

Gene Thompson – Author, Song Writer, Poet, Musician