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  • 35 years Entrepreneur/Business Owner

  • Lifeskill Coach and Business Coach

  • Television Show Producer

  • Radio Producer and Host of LifeTalk with Mariette

  • Educational Program Creator/Producer/Implementor for Radio, Television, Workshops, Seminars, Consultant

  • Creator of digital magazine The Healing Mind

“The Criminal Mind” on LifeTalk with Mariette (6-7 pm)

LifeTalk Episode 51 “Things People Worry About” 9-22-2019

LifeTalk Episode 451

Priorities In Relationships  3-17-2019

BLAME IT ON ‘JACK’ -When you blame others, you give up your power to change.



BLAME IT ON ‘JACK’ – When You Blame Others, You Give Up Your Power

11-22-2019 “If Your Body Had A Voice, What Would It Say?” – Dr. Chris


12-05-2019 ” If Your Body Had A Voice, What Would It Say?” The Importance Of Grieving After A Loss – Dr. Chris

12-06-2019 If Your Body Had A Voice, What Would It Say? – “Chronic Pains” Dr. Chris

12-07-2019 “Connecting With Passed Loved Ones”

12-10-2019 Brutally Honest Series ” Speak Your Mind” Mariette Kammerer

12-19-2019 ” Sexual Health” Dr. Chris and Mariette Kammerer

12-20-2019 ” Falling In Love Again” Dr. Chris and Mariette Kammerer

1-15-2020 “Heart To Beat”  Dr. Brian Lima, Heart Surgeon

1-25-2020 ” Emotional Intelligence” Retired Psycologist David Holdefer

1-19-2020 ” Detox + Declutter Your Mind” – MaryAnn Gardner, Norma Gianattasio, Mariette Kammerer

1-19-2020 ” Detox + Declutter Your Mind” – MaryAnn Gardner, Norma Gianattasio, Mariette Kammerer

1-25-2020 ” HEALTHY SKIN Talk” with Enilsa Brown

1-31-2020  ” Anxiety In Children + Teen Adults ” Dr. Chris Gilbert

1/28/2020 ” Life Lesson To Be Learned”  Series – MaryAnn Gardner + Mariette Kammerer

1/26/2020 LifeTalk With Mariette Radio  ” Heart To Beat” – Dr. Lima, Dr. Rich, MaryAnn Gardner + Mariette Kammerer

2/09/2020 LifeTalk with Mariette Radio  “Healthy SKIN Talk” with Enilsa Brown, Mariette Kammerer, Norma G. + MaryAnn Gardner

2/11/20 LifeTalk Podcast ‘How Much Mental Preparation Should we Invest In finding A Job?’ MaryAnn Gardner + Mariette Kammerer

2/18/20 Life Talk with Mariette Podcast : ‘Life Stories + Life Lessons” Topic: How much mental preparation should go into job searching? with MaryAnn and Mariette

2/25/20 LifeTalk Podcast   “Life Stories & Life Lessons Series” with MaryAnn + Mariette. Today’s episode: Self Sabotage

2/23/20 LifeTalk with Mariette Podcast “Behind The Scenes Talk”- Wolf Leichsenring, Travel Journalist and Mariette Kammerer ”

3-01-2020 Episode “A Women’s Pleasures” from Take Chances, Live Life + Grow Wise with Norma, Bridget, MaryAnn and Mariette

3-8-2020 Episode: “As Life Gets Tougher, Resilience Wins” –  Take Chances, Live Life, Grow Wise- Series /Dr. Lucy Hone, Mariette Kammerer + Bridget Flynn.

3-22/20 Episode: “Critical Life Changes, Uncertain Times Ahead” – RoundTable Discussion /Norma G., MaryAnn Gardner, Melissa Marti, Anthony Lupinacci, Mariette Kammerer

3-29/20 Episode: “Working With The New Norm? Get Creative” with Bridget Flynn and Mariette Kammerer

04-19-2020 ” A WORLD COMING TOGETHER” Norma Gianattasio and Mariette Kammerer

05-17-2020 ” NEW Ways To Earn An Income”      – The Incredible FARM to Food Bank Project 2020 – with John Botti, Bill Mehleisen and  David Lemon.  Thank you!

05-31-20 “NEW NORM – Business Not As USUAL  For the way we live-the way we work-the way we learn . RoundTable Discussion

Barbara Bittman, Melissa Marty, Destiny Whitchmer, Gene Thomposon

06-07-20  ” The Desire to leave a MARK” -Impacting the LIVES of OTHERS  Round Table Discussion with Barbara Bittman, Gene Thompson, Susan Kennedy.

06-14-20 “Being Supportive and encouraging of others, you can make a difference” with Melissa In The Morning on WICC600 and Susan Fernandez, Director of SPCA of CT., a no-kill Animal Shelter.

6-28-2020 ” The Dog Listener” with Phil Klein, Susan Fernandez, Barbara Bittman, Melissa Marty

7-12-20  “Fun – Summer Time + Corona Virus” Are you trying new things suitable for you of finding new activities, new interests?

Norma Gianattasio and Destiny Whitcher.

7-19-20  “Emotional Fitness, Selfcare and Healthy Distractions” – Gene Thompson, Song Writer, Artist, Spiritual Advocate and Susan Kennedy, Geriatric Fitness Consultant.

8-23-2020 “IT’S All About BODY Movement” -Wise Choices After 50  with Nutrition + Fitness Expert Warren Honeycutt and Nurse Melissa Marti.