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LifeTalk with Mariette established radio program going back to 2007, now also PODCASTS,  is a holistic, educational, powerful platform featuring the ‘circle of life learning’ with qualified, smart and passionate professionals in their field. Now worldwide.

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  • 35 years Entrepreneur/Business Owner

  • Lifeskill Coach and Business Coach

  • Television Show Producer

  • Radio Producer and Host of LifeTalk with Mariette

  • Educational Program Creator/Producer/Implementor for Radio, Television, Workshops, Seminars, Consultant

  • Creator of digital magazine The Healing Mind

Latest Podcasts

7-12-20  “Fun – Summer Time + Corona Virus” Are you trying new things suitable for you of finding new activities, new interests?

Norma Gianattasio and Destiny Whitcher.

7-19-20  “Emotional Fitness, Selfcare and Healthy Distractions” – Gene Thompson, Song Writer, Artist, Spiritual Advocate and Susan Kennedy, Geriatric Fitness Consultant.

8-23-2020 “IT’S All About BODY Movement” -Wise Choices After 50  with Nutrition + Fitness Expert Warren Honeycutt and Nurse Melissa Marti.

8-30-20 “CAREER After 40”? – IT IS Possible  A reinvention process many people are confronted with. With Wayne Winsley, Phil Klein and Mariette Kammerer.

9-13-2020 7-8 PM EST LifeTalk Radio ‘Conscious Living 2020 Event’ – “Wise Choices At Any Age and After 50” + “Body Movement” with Warren Honeycutt, Melissa Marti, Gene Thompson . Host Mariette Kammerer and Co-Host Wayne Wesley

9-13-2020 8-9PM EST  LifeTalk Radio ‘Conscious Living 2020 Event’ – “Enhancing Your Personal Power ” , “Practical Wisdom” , “The Dog Listener”, “Misery, Mystery + History” with Warren Honeycutt, Melissa Marti, Phil Klein, Richie The T. Host Mariette Kammerer and Co-Host Wayne Winsley

Episode: 5  ” The Farm Talk” with Kristin Letsch, Owner of The Farm To Mariette Kammerer visited The Farm the other day and met the animal. A must listen !

09-20-2020 Episode 21 – “Conquering The FEAR Of Public Speaking” – with Mariette Kammerer and Theresa Crisci.

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