Meet Mariette Kammerer, Director – KES, Inc.

“There is nothing that can’t be done or created and I have the accomplishments to prove it. I specialize in Intangible and Tangible Services.”

Mariette Kammerer
Mariette KammererDirector – KES, Inc. & Radio Talk Show Host
“I am Mariette Kammerer,  the creator of The Healing Mind Magazine, a ‘Life-Learning Classroom’ platform to connect with you all over the world, to share and receive knowledge, life experiences and personal growth. A gathering place to connect, reflect and take action. It is about our life, our experiences, our talent + skills….to be able to reach the next level in life.”
As the creator of The Healing Mind Magazine, Mariette brings 35 years of experience as a Life, Business + Reinvention Coach and works to help others achieve their best to overcome the obstacles that often cause people to remain stuck in their present lives.
Through Awareness, Education, Inspiration, Motivation we establish from within: movement, change and growth for Mind, Body, Spirit  at any age and it gives Purpose + Hope. Without Purpose + Hope….. we are lost souls.
Mariette Kammerer is an advocate for personal growth + development. Mariette has the experience, the knowledge and understands the pitfalls of LIFE and what can happen afterwards.
“Everyone is there when LIFE is great for a person. As soon as adversity ‘hits’ , very few or nobody is around. The person either starts to connect with his/her own strength, or give up.” – Mariette Kammerer
“There is nothing like understanding adversity, why and how come, what do we need to learn from it. But also preparing our mind for it. For some people there will be more adversity than others.” – Mariette Kammerer
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