I went to the park today to walk and get in some cardio, and to breathe some fresh air and look at the wonderful bright green everywhere. After walking a very long time, well to me it seemed like a long time, I could see out of the corner of my eye someone waving to me from this type of makeshift homeless structure. I kept walking and I heard a voice, hey… she said and I pointed to myself asking her me? And she waved her hand yes. I went through a hole in the chain-link fence that someone cut and then down the embankment to where she was calling from. When I got to the front of where she was living I could tell that she was standing on something looking through a hole of the roof that was made out of an old piece of tarp. She said to me can you help me out of here, they locked me in when they left to go somewhere. Immediately I thought that this was a setup for robbery or who knows what. After talking to her for a few minutes I realized that that wasn’t the case and she was a very young and beautiful girl. When I got closer I could her teeth as she was talking and they were un-kept and rotting. She said to me almost in tears I shouldn’t have come here, can you help me get out of here. I looked around on the ground for anything else to give her to stand on, for me to pull her over the top of the ledge of the makeshift house. There was a lot of trash and a couple of shopping carts and then I spotted a five gallon bucket and a red washing tube. I passed them to her to stand on and told her to jump up and put her body on the edge of the wall and to lift herself over and I would her the rest of the way down. She said to me I can’t. I’m too weak, and I thought to myself this girl is a runaway and someone abducted her and now she’s on drugs and a prisoner, she had all of the signs. I took an old interior house door that was there on the ground and propped it up against the little house. She struggled to lift herself over and slid down the old door and I caught her before she hit the ground. The young lady got up and burst into tears crying very hard, I asked to buy her something to eat but she declined and just started walking away. My heart was so hurt for her, I have daughters too and I thought to myself, that’s somebody’s daughter, and they’re most likely worried about where she is and if she’s okay. And if they’ve forgotten about a loved one who is so young, shame on them, because most young people make mistakes. And we as adults tend to forget that we once were teenagers and made many mistakes, whether our parents knew it or not. It takes time, patients and a lot of love with some family members. So let’s remember that one day could be your daughter.


Gene Thompson – Author, Song Writer, Poet, Musician