Should we have a Gatekeepers MIND?
by Mariette Kammerer

I actually connected some dots today,  yes a light bulb went off. That is a good thing. A gatekeeper is the term for anyone who blocks the way between you and the key decision maker within a target organization. Gatekeepers are often receptionists, secretaries or administrative assistants whose job it is to screen unwanted or irrelevant calls from reaching their bosses.

To explain my thoughts- In my business I reach out to many, many businesses daily to find the right experts(with a personality) for a radio topics, or writers, or people who have just been in the news.

Business owners to convey my ideas, conviction and experience  which could have a big impact on their business.

Now, these Gatekeepers have no idea what I am talking about, and an educated, well-rounded Gatekeeper sees and hears an opportunity to convey just that to the owner or executive.

I might be asking for to much now, but I don’t think so.

I should develop a Gatekeeper Training Program: an open mind, it takes a lot of communication within the various departments and of course the owner’s mind-set. The Gatekeeper has to be on the look-out as to what comes their way, it could be a new client, a contact in the community, a speaking engagement, or saving money on certain expenses, a tv or radio interview, etc.

One has to get involved, how boring is it to just turn people away and some of them do it with nasty seasonings. The Power Act!

It still drives me totally ‘nuts’ when I come across one. Their job is to just block, no matter what you say, who you are, it just does not matter.

Now, the light bulb moment I had , I am a Gatekeeper myself. I watch extremely what I let into my mind and try to keep my mind ‘clean’ like a garden.

I watch how much news I consume, political programs, anything which is becoming an irritant at each moment. Stupid conversations, fake life-portfolios, or if women’s butts should be larger or smaller, that is what I’m talking about. Are you kidding me? All of the nonsense takes away from my focus.

I need time and energy to work with my creativity to develop projects for business, radio and magazine. I refuse to let nonsense stop my mind, and yes, it still can happen when you deal with people.

Oh well, watch your mental consumption to be able to focus better , have clarity and don’t smother your creativity.

For the Gatekeepers at work:  ‘I hear you, but it’s not stopping me’. Never.


Mariette Kammerer – Author & Radio Talk Show Host
Director – KES Educational, Inc.
Business Coach & LifeSkill Coach
Creator – The Healing Mind Magazine
Creator of Conscious Living Retreats & Programs