“The Listening Cure” Healing Secrets of an unconventional Doctor  by Dr. Chris Gilbert

Excerpt – A Healing-Secret Exercise


Concentrate on your stomach after you finish dinner.

What feeling do you have in your stomach?

If your stomach could express that feeling with words, what would it say?

Choose one sentence of your choice for example: “ I feel too full,” or “I should have eaten more vegetables or more salad or fruit,” or “ I am still hungry,” or “ I ate just right.”

Write down your sentence.

The next day, before you start your dinner, read the sentence, then look at your dinner plate.

Is what’s in the plate balanced? Are there plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, and salads?

If yes, eat slowly and enjoy the taste of each different food.

Pause eating before you finish your plate of food and direct your awareness inwards. Check in with your stomach.

Did it have enough to eat already? Did it have too much? Does it want more? Make a mental note of what your stomach says.

Okay, now finish your dinner.

Then go back to the first line of this exercise: Concentrate on your stomach after your dinner.

What feeling do you have in your stomach, etc.

At the end of each dinner, repeat the exercise.

You will see that day after day, little by little, you will eat healthier foods with full awareness of what you are eating.

Dr. Chris Gilbert is a monthly contributor to LifeTalkwithMariettePodcast.com with her series: “ If Your Body Could Talk, What Would It Say?” – Thank you Dr. Chris, we love you.

Author & Speaker: Chris Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D.

Author of “The Listening Cure” (SelectBooks 2017)