Wear Your Ksam


 BY Gene Thompson



Looking across and down at the new normal,

 Everything seemed so far away and un-ending

And too deep to grasp the meaning of by my self


There shouted a man to me, on the other side of understanding,

 Saying to me, wear… your… ksam

So I pulled the deep darkness over my face and shouted

 Back, I can’t breathe!


This ksam holds me prisoner but yet free,

 helping me to not take the freedom of life away from another

another that loves just like I do


So I fight in the abyss day after day with an enemy that’s unseen

 but aw… still wants to be my friend


Because he knows that if he can get me to come over leaving the ksam

 that I could become his host


Sheltering in a cave I distance myself long distance from all that I love

 and having to love the things that I hate

and appreciate that which I never considered before


I wash the hate from my hands

and I climb from this gape in time, I look up!

 and can see the light of the future

Things look different but they look better


And part of the story that will make it all better,

 is that, I wore my MASK


Gene Thompson – Author, Song Writer, Poet, Musician