Written on the Wall of Chang’s Hermitage

“It is spring in the mountains…

I come alone seeking you.

The sound of chopping wood echoes,

Between the silent peaks.

The streams are still icy.

There is snow on the trail.

At sunset I reach your grove

In the stony mountain pass.

You want nothing, although at night

You can see the aura of gold

And silver ore all around you.

You have learned to be gentle

As the mountain deer you have tamed.

The way back forgotten, hidden

Away, I become like you

An empty boat, floating adrift.”  – Tu Fu


“Sunset glitters on the beads

Of the curtains. Spring flowers

Bloom in the valley. The gardens

Along the river are filled

With perfume. Smoke of cooking

Fires drifts over the slow barges.

Sparrows hop and tumble in

The branches. Whirling insects

Swarm in the air. Who discovered

That one cup of thick wine

Will dispel a thousand cares?” – Tu Fu

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Wine Therapist: David Holdefer