Adventure DANUBE (15): Finally, the wine village of WEISSENKIRCHEN (Austria) with Dürnstein Castle nearby. Finally look out for PASSAU (disembarkation). Conclusion: a fantastic, content-rich, optimally organized cruise. Gourmets (in terms of liquid or solid) can enjoy to the fullest, those who are constantly curious can quench their thirst – and they’ll be on the lookout for PASSAU. From here we continue our motorhome a good 500 km west to the Danube springs. If you want to follow us, you will still be posted on my FB account and the platforms “HeimatMomente” (Verlag 360 ° medien) as well as on the FB platform “Excursions in Baden – Württemberg”. See you soon

Texts: Wolf Leichsenring

Photos: Heike Lerch-Jankovicz

Wolf Leichsenring – Travel Journalist