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The Healing Mind Magazine SEPTEMBER 20232023-09-21T18:39:00+00:00

The Healing Mind Magazine  SEPTEMBER  2023

The Psychology of Change

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Places To Go, People To See

Article Categories

Places To Go, People To See

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Welcome To The Healing Mind Magazine Advertising Community!

The Healing Mind Magazine aims to empower individuals to live with purpose by providing informative and inspiring content related to mental health and wellness.

It strives to support its international audience in their journey towards healing and personal growth through accessible and inclusive resources. Ultimately, the magazine’s mission is to create a community that promotes well-being and encourages individuals to live fulfilling and purposeful lives.

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Women’s Vibes – A Collection of Poems and Artwork
by Mariette Kammerer

Step into the vibrant world of “Women Vibes,” a captivating collection that weaves the essence of femininity through the delicate threads of poetry and the vivid strokes of artwork. Mariette Kammerer invites you on a journey through the rich tapestry of women’s experiences, where each page resonates with the beauty, strength, and resilience of the feminine spirit.

In this enchanting fusion of words and visuals, Mariette’s poetry dances gracefully, painting portraits of women who defy convention, embrace their uniqueness, and inspire the world. Her art, a symphony of colors and emotions, complements these verses, breathing life into each sentiment, making the ordinary extraordinary.

“Women Vibes” is a celebration of womanhood, a testament to the power of expression, and a reminder that the world is brighter when seen through the eyes of these remarkable women. With every turn of the page, you’ll find yourself immersed in the magic of Mariette Kammerer’s creative genius, leaving you inspired and enchanted by the resilience and grace of women everywhere.



  1. Create a budget.
  2. Build an emergency fund.
  3. Invest for the future.
  4. Practice mindful spending.
  5. Seek professional financial advice.
Picture Credit: Artist J. Ulsamer – More Posts



  1. Communicate openly.
  2. Listen actively.
  3. Spend quality time.
  4. Set healthy boundaries.
  5. Show gratitude.
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Food + Drinks

Conscious Living

  1. Eat whole foods.
  2. Stay hydrated.
  3. Eat mindfully.
  4. Add fruits and veggies.
  5. Limit processed foods.
Picture Credit: Artist J. Ulsamer – More Posts

Health + Lifestyle


  1. Exercise regularly.
  2. Manage stress.
  3. Sleep well.
  4. Enjoy hobbies.
  5. Be positive.
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Mind + Body + Spirit


  1. Practice mindfulness.
  2. Follow passions.
  3. Connect with nature.
  4. Prioritize self-care.
  5. Explore spirituality.

Speakers Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD. PhD., and Dr. Eric Haseltine, Neuroscientist

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Business + Career

Never Stop Learning – Stay Relevant

  1. Set clear goals.
  2. Seek learning opportunities.
  3. Network regularly.
  4. Manage time effectively.
  5. Embrace challenges.


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LifeTalk with Mariette – Tuesday 7-8 pm EST  LIVE On-Air Wicc600 AM + 107.3 FM airing in New York, Long Island + Connecticut.
Click here for Radio Schedule .

LifeTalk with Mariette – Tuesday 7-8 pm EST  LIVE On-Air Wicc600 AM + 107.3 FM airing in New York, Long Island + Connecticut.
Click Here for Radio Schedule.

You can listen worldwide by tuning into  L I V E programming LifeTalkwithMariettePodcasts.com
The podcasts are available 24 hours a day, listen any time.

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February 21st, 2023 Radio Show : “The Narrative Impact on our Minds.” More shows in our Library www.LifeTalkMariette.com


Wanderlust with Will Kim

Exploring the Timeless Charms of New Canaan, CT

Where History Meets Modern Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Fairfield County, Connecticut, lies the picturesque town of New Canaan. Renowned for its harmonious blend of historical significance and contemporary sophistication, New Canaan stands as a testament to the enduring allure of small-town America. From its architectural marvels to its lush landscapes and vibrant community, this town offers an experience that captivates both residents and visitors alike. Please click below for article.

Timeless Charms of New Canaan, CT Article

“LifeTalk – In Conversation with Mariette” Radio Show Contributors

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What Is Happening In September?

The Significance of the Month of August

  • Back to School for many students.
  • Labor Day celebration in the United States.
  • Fashion Weeks in major cities worldwide.
  • International Literacy Day on September 8th.
  • Apple product launches.
  • United Nations General Assembly session.
  • Autumn Equinox around September 22nd.
  • Oktoberfest begins in Munich, Germany.
  • Climate action events and Global Climate Strike.
  • Various sports events like the NFL season and US Open.

Please note that specific events can vary from year to year, and it’s advisable to refer to current sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on events happening in September.

Power Women Series


Women Mastering Life and Overcoming Adversity

Embracing Resilience 

Life’s journey is rife with challenges and obstacles that test our mettle and resilience. Women, in particular, have demonstrated an incredible ability to not only navigate these challenges but to master life in the face of adversity. From personal trials to societal barriers, the stories of women overcoming obstacles are a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Read article please click below.

Women Mastering Life – Article

House + Garden


  1. Declutter spaces.
  2. Add indoor plants.
  3. Organize in zones.
  4. Personalize decor.
  5. Maintain repairs.
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Our Companions


  1. Show affection.
  2. Regular exercise.
  3. Balanced diet.
  4. Veterinary care.
  5. Bonding time.
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Travel + Vacation


  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Pack light.
  3. Explore local culture.
  4. Stay flexible.
  5. Capture memories.
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Mr. Bennie’s Corner!


Tales of a Jet-Setting Cats

In a world where dogs are often hailed as the ultimate travel companions, a growing number of intrepid felines are defying stereotypes and proving that they too can be globe-trotting adventurers. Please read entire article below.

Art + Culture

Expression of  Life + Cultures

  1. Visit galleries.
  2. Try new techniques.
  3. Support local artists.
  4. Attend performances.
  5. Express yourself.
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Music & Fashion


  1. Discover new music.
  2. Define your style.
  3. Mix and match.
  4. Express through fashion.
  5. Attend concerts.
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Life is like watching a MOVIE.....


  1. Embrace plot twists.
  2. Learn from challenges.
  3. Cherish good moments.
  4. Be the protagonist.
  5. Write your story.
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Wolf Leichsenring + Heike Lerch-Jankovicz - TRAVEL JOURNALISTS 

Life starts after Retirement! Staying mentally and physically fit at any age is important, however, not everyone thinks that way.

Wolf Leichsenring and his partner loved traveling prior to their retirement. They bought an RV and toured pretty much the entire world. After retirement, they became official Travel Journalists and Authors of 8 books.

Previous Norway Tour 2022/23
Articles by Wolf Leichsenring
"Hamburg Train Station" - Art By Mariette Kammerer
"New York, New York"- Art By Mariette Kammerer
"Women Vibes" Poem Book By Mariette Kammerer available for $ 19.95
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