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The Healing Mind Magazine  A P R I L  2023


Spring is a special time

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Places To Go, People To See

Article Categories

Places To Go, People To See

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Women’s Vibes – A Collection of Poems and Artwork
by Mariette Kammerer

A personal note from Mariette:

In this book, each poem talks about life situations or experiences almost everyone can identify with. I truly hope that you enjoy it.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon:

Women Vibes II – A Collection of Memorable Moments

Women Vibes III – Art Vibes Gallery – Beauty + Expression



Get Paid What You’re Worth and Spend Less Than You Earn. …

Stick to a Budget. …

Shop smart…..

Pay Off Credit Card Debt. …

Contribute to a Retirement Plan. …

Have a Savings Plan. …

Invest. …

Maximize Your Employment Benefits. …

Review Your Insurance Coverages.

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Relationships are never easy!

Have A Relationship With Yourself First

Know + Trust Yourself First

Go The Journey of Self Discovery

Focus on the Good in Your Partner

Give Partner Space

Have Fun

Focus on Strength + Happiness

Be Present in the Moment

Be Honest

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Food + Drinks

Know your liquors. Each base liquor plays its own unique role in a cocktail glass. ...

Master the free pour. ...

Learn to shake a cocktail. ...

Learn to stir a cocktail. ...

Study the art of layering. ...

Practice muddling. ...

Strain drinks properly. ...

Memorize cocktail recipes.

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Health + Lifestyle

SELF-CARE! Which strategies work for you?

Maintain your friendships. ...

Get regular exercise. ...

Keep a balanced diet. ...

Ask for help and accept it when it is offered. ...

Think of yourself as your own best friend. ...

Plan something to look forward to, whether a trip with your mates or an outing – even a holiday.

Visions Salon, Milford, Ct.

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Mind + Body + Spirit

How to look after your Mental Health

REFLECTION! Talking about your feelings can help you stay in good mental health and deal with times when you feel troubled. ...

Keep active. ...

Eat well. ...

Drink sensibly. ...

Keep in touch. ...

Ask for help. ...

Take a break. ...

Do something you're good at

Speakers Dr. Chris Gilbert, MD. PhD., and Dr. Eric Haseltine, Neuroscientist

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Business + Career

Never Stop Learning - Stay Relevant

Expand Your Skills + Talents

Do Something You Thought You Could Never Do

Gain Emotional Intelligence

Stand Up For Yourself

Work On Goals. ...

Be Organized. ...

Be A Team Player. ...

Value Your Network. ...

Value Your Health. ...

Focus On Results. ...

Speak Up.


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LifeTalk with Mariette – Tuesday 7-8 pm EST  LIVE On-Air Wicc600 AM + 107.3 FM airing in New York, Long Island + Connecticut.
Click here for Radio Schedule

LifeTalk with Mariette – Tuesday 7-8 pm EST  LIVE On-Air Wicc600 AM + 107.3 FM airing in New York, Long Island + Connecticut.
Click Here for Radio Schedule.

You can listen worldwide by tuning into  L I V E programming LifeTalkwithMariettePodcasts.com
The podcasts are available 24 hours a day, listen any time.

For international Radio Sponsorships, Contributorship + Interviews, or Guest Appearance Requests please fill out the form. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!

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February 21st, 2023 Radio Show : “The Narrative Impact on our Minds.” More shows in our Library www.LifeTalkMariette.com



Boston, Massachusetts is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage. It is home to numerous attractions and landmarks, including the Boston Opera House. The Boston Opera House is a historic theater that has been a beloved institution in the city since it first opened its doors in 1928. The theater is known for its stunning architecture, grand chandeliers, and luxurious interior decor. Today, it is one of the most popular venues in Boston for live performances, including ballets, operas, musicals, and concerts. Whether you're a fan of the performing arts or simply appreciate beautiful architecture, a visit to the Boston Opera House is a must when exploring this vibrant and dynamic city.

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The Month of April 

The fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and is associated with various meanings and symbols:

  1. Spring: In the Northern Hemisphere, April is often associated with the arrival of spring, as trees and flowers begin to bloom and temperatures start to warm up.
  2. Easter: April is usually the month of the Christian holiday of Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  3. April Fools' Day: April 1st is commonly known as April Fools' Day when people play tricks on each other and spread hoaxes and jokes.
  4. Earth Day: April 22nd is Earth Day, when people worldwide unite to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote conservation efforts.
  5. National Poetry Month: In the United States, April is National Poetry Month, celebrating the art of poetry and its contributions to culture and society.
  6. Tax Day: In the United States, April 15th is commonly known as Tax Day, the deadline for filing income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service.

Power Women Series

  1. Women are breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as technology, finance, and engineering, by bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.
  2. Women are rising to leadership positions in industries where they have been historically underrepresented, including entertainment, politics, and healthcare, inspiring a new generation of female leaders.
  3. Through entrepreneurship and startups, women are creating entirely new industries and disrupting established ones with their creativity, passion, and drive.
  4. Women are shattering stereotypes and proving that gender does not limit their abilities or potential, as evidenced by their increasing representation in fields such as aviation, construction, and the military.
  5. Women are leveraging their diverse backgrounds and experiences to bring new voices and ideas to industries that have long been homogeneous, creating a more inclusive and dynamic workplace.
  6. Women breaking industries are not only making history, but they are also paving the way for future generations of women to follow in their footsteps and pursue their dreams without limitations.

House + Garden

8 Tips for Home Buyers

Be Sure You're Ready To Commit To A Loan. The No. ...

Don't Skip The Preapproval. ...

Maintain Your Credit. ...

Save For A Down Payment. ...

Understand Your Loan Options. ...

Don't Forget Closing Costs. ...

List Your Needs, Your Non-Negotiables, And Nice-To-Haves. ...

Work With A Real Estate Agent.

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Our Companions

8 Tips For Becoming The Best Pet Owner Ever


Going for walks and exercising your pet. Physical activity is important for both dogs and cats. ...

Research the breed. ...

Keep them up to date on their vaccinations. ...

Be attentive at dog parks. ...

Clean up after their messes. ...

Don't leave them alone too often. ...

Buy safe toys for them.

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Travel + Vacation

7 Essential Travel Safety Tips

Do your research. Get to know your destination in depth before you arrive. ...

Don't draw attention. ...

Make copies of important documents. ...

Keep your friends and family updated. ...

Be wary of public Wi-Fi. ...

Safeguard your hotel room. ...

Be aware of your surroundings.

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Wolf Leichsenring + Heike Lerch-Jankovicz - TRAVEL JOURNALISTS 

Life starts after Retirement! Staying mentally and physically fit at any age is important, however, not everyone thinks that way.

Wolf Leichsenring and his partner loved traveling prior to their retirement. They bought an RV and toured pretty much the entire world. After retirement, they became official Journalists and Authors of 8 books.

Update: Currently we are in the middle of the lecture season, i.e. in the months of February and March about 40 events, sometimes close by in Schleswig-Holstein, sometimes further away in Lower Saxony and Western Germany. In between also a concert, e.g. on March 8th in Potsdam; otherwise we prepare a new tour to France in the Bretagne; start April 28th for 4 -6 weeks on tour. At the desk we are working on a new lecture about Greece / Peloponnese. We do not have to complain about boredom 😊 lg Heike and Wolf 🧏‍♀️🧏🐺

Please check the INDEX for Wolf Leichsenring articles. Enjoy!

Previous Norway Tour 2022/23
Articles by Wolf Leichsenring

Art + Culture

Use a variety of flower types for texture and visual interest. ...

Always mix in Ornamental Grass and Shrubs for structure, texture, and movement. ...

Plant for long-lasting color. ..

For example, art and cultural expressions can be theatre, literature, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, architecture, storytelling, spirituality, and rituals.
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Music & Fashion

8 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

Work your capsule wardrobe. ...

Make sure your clothes fit perfectly. ...

Learn how to balance proportions. ...

Find your personal style. ...

Become a better shopper. ...

Add a belt. ...

Play with color. ...

Mix patterns and textures.

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Life is like watching a MOVIE.....

101 Things To Do Before You Die

Travel all around the world. ...

Learn a new language. ...

Try a profession in a different field. ...

Achieve your ideal weight. ...

Run a marathon. ...

Take part in a triathlon. ...

Take up a new sport. ...

Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience marine life up close.

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Mr. Bennie's Corner!


Purring on my lap,

oh so fine My fluffy feline,

all mine with fur as soft as a cloud in the sky and a cute little nose that catches my eye

She plays with string,

she chases mice and sometimes even, she tries to be nice

But when it's time for her to nap She curls up in a ball, with a loud "meow" slap

Oh, how I love my kitty cat

Even when she's acting like a brat with her silly antics and playful ways .

She brightens up even the darkest of days

Image Credit: M.Kammerer

Do What You're Good At. But Please, Just Do It!
Do What You're Good At. But Please, Just Do It!
Pol Ledent (Belgian Artist , b.1952 )Orange Tree + Blue Cornflower 2007
Pol Ledent (Belgian Artist , b.1952 )Orange Tree + Blue Cornflower 2007
Pol Ledent, Artist - Houyet, Belgian - An Artist I Have Great Admiration For!
Pol Ledent, Artist - Houyet, Belgian - An Artist I Have Great Admiration For!
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Makes a great gift for any artist!


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