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Today I will talk to you about W H I S K E R S – CAUTION: Watch out for Children with SCISSORS!

What Do Cat Whiskers Do?

Cat whiskers do some pretty amazing things. Here are some of the ways cats use their whiskers.

Sense of Touch

The main function of cat whiskers is the sense of touch. The follicles that these hairs grow from being surrounded by sensory cells. These cells transmit tactile information that’s similar to the signals our fingertips send to our brains.

The sensory cells are stimulated by the smallest vibrations in the hair, allowing cats to feel solid objects that they brush against and even to notice air currents from movement nearby.

This helps our mostly farsighted felines to:

  • Better evaluate their environment up close
  • Avoid threats to their eyes and face, like branches and insects
  • Hunt better at night
  • Be able to judge whether they can fit through small spaces

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