Christmas in Switzerland

  1. Christmas Markets (Christkindlimärkte): Swiss cities and towns come alive with Christmas markets during the Advent season. These markets feature stalls selling handmade crafts, decorations, and delicious festive treats. Cities like Zurich, Basel, and Geneva are known for their charming Christmas markets.
  2. Decorations and Lights: Swiss cities and villages are beautifully adorned with Christmas lights, decorations, and Christmas trees. The streets, public squares, and shop windows are often illuminated, creating a magical atmosphere.
  3. Traditional Swiss Food: Christmas in Switzerland is synonymous with indulging in delicious food. Fondue and raclette, two famous Swiss cheese dishes, are popular choices during the holiday season. Additionally, special Christmas cookies and chocolates are enjoyed.
  4. Advent Calendars: The tradition of counting down the days to Christmas is embraced with Advent calendars. These calendars can be found in many households, and each day leading up to Christmas is marked by opening a new door to reveal a treat or small gift.
  5. Christmas Eve (Heiligabend): In Switzerland, the main Christmas celebrations often take place on the evening of December 24th. Families come together for a festive meal, exchange gifts, and attend midnight Mass.
  6. Santa Claus and Christkind: In different regions of Switzerland, both Santa Claus (Samichlaus) and the Christkind play roles in bringing gifts to children. The Christkind is an angelic figure, while Santa Claus is more akin to the traditional figure known in other parts of the world.
  7. Winter Sports: Switzerland is known for its beautiful Alpine landscapes, and during Christmas, many people take advantage of the winter season by engaging in activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.
  8. Christmas Music and Performances: Christmas concerts and performances are held in various venues across the country. Churches often host special Christmas music events and choirs.
  9. Candlelight Services: Traditional candlelight services are held in churches on Christmas Eve, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere as people come together to celebrate the birth of Christ.
  10. Outdoor Activities: Depending on the weather and snow conditions, outdoor activities such as sleigh rides and winter hikes are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Switzerland’s diverse cultural influences and regional traditions contribute to a rich tapestry of Christmas celebrations, making it a special time of the year for residents and visitors alike.

Will Kim -Writer -” Travel & Vacation”  “Wanderlust” Category