In fields of green and skies of blue,

As children, we searched for something new.

A thrill in the air, a mystery to unfold,

Easter eggs to find, stories to be told.

Baskets in hand, we ventured out,

To find what the Easter Bunny was all about.

Hiding eggs in every nook and cranny,

Our hearts racing, our laughter uncanny.

We looked high and we looked low,

Under bushes and above, we didn’t know where to go.

But in every corner, a treasure we found,

Chocolate eggs and jelly beans abound.

We would trade our finds with glee,

Sharing with siblings and friends, filled with camaraderie.

The joy in our eyes, the smiles on our faces,

Easter memories that time never erases.

Now as we grow, and life moves on,

We cherish those moments, never really gone.

For Easter is more than just a hunt, It’s about love, renewal, and life’s account.

May this Easter bring a sense of hope,

A reminder that even in darkness, we can cope.

A time to celebrate, to cherish and renew,

A time to give thanks for all that is true.

So, let’s go back to those childhood days,

When the world was simpler in so many ways.

Let’s find joy in the little things,

And the love and hope that Easter bring

Lilly Botto -Writer -” House & Garden” Category