If a CAT could Talk

If a cat could talk, what tales it’d weave, In whispers of secrets, it would not deceive. With eyes that gleam like the midnight sky, It’d spin its yarns, oh so sly.

In the language of purrs, it would converse, A feline poet, rehearsing each verse. From rooftops to gardens, it would explore, And share its adventures from night to day’s core.

It would tell of moonlit hunts and stealthy paws, Of chasing dreams in the shadows it draws. With tales of the mouse that got away, Or the sunbeam it basked in on a lazy day.

The cat would share its wisdom, so profound, In the softest of meows, in the faintest of sound. It’d speak of love, of naps, and grace, And how it finds solace in the quietest place.

In the alleys and byways, it would hold court, Recounting its tales with a regal deport. In the language of whiskers and twitching tails, It’d share its secrets, unveil its trails.

If a cat could talk, oh, what wonders it’d tell, Of the mysteries of life, it knows so well. In the whispers of feline, a world untamed, A symphony of stories, forever unnamed.

Mary Smith – Writer – Finance, Relationships, Our Companions, Art & Culture