Spring, oh how you’re worth the wait,

After winter’s cold and dreary state,

You burst forth with colors bright,

And chase away the endless night.

The trees, once bare, now bloom anew,

A symphony of green and blue,

The flowers dance with gentle breeze,

A sight that makes the heart at ease.

Birds return with songs of joy,

Their melodies the soul does employ,

A chorus of life, sweet and true,

As nature awakens, born anew.

The air, so fresh, so full of life,

A welcome break from winter’s strife,

A time to shed the heavy coat,

And embrace the sun’s warming note.

Oh, spring, how special you are,

A reminder that life is never far,

And even after winter’s gloom,

Hope and beauty will always bloom.

Lilly Botto -Writer -” House & Garden” Category