A mother’s love is pure and true,

A gift so precious, so bright and new.

She holds you close, with arms so warm,

And shields you from life’s every storm.

With eyes so kind, and a heart so strong,

She teaches you right, and guides you along.

Her love is selfless, without any end,

A bond so deep, a soulful blend.

Her words are gentle, her touch so sweet,

A warmth that spreads, from head to feet.

In her embrace, you find solace and peace,

A love that never fades, never will cease.

Her smile is like sunshine, her laughter like rain,

A joy that fills you, again and again.

She’s your angel, your light in the dark,

A mother’s love, is a precious work of art.

So on this special day, we honor her grace,

We thank her for all, that she has embraced.

We celebrate her love, her strength, and her care,

We thank her for being, always there.

Happy Mother’s Day, to the queen of our hearts,

Our love for you, shall never depart.

May your days be filled, with love and delight,

Forever and always, you shine so bright.

Mariette Kammerer