Is Self–Care selfish or a luxury?

I think Self-care is by far selfish nor is it a luxury. One must understand that in these stressful times one needs to find ways to de-stress. It could be a wonderful bath, a walk, dancing or many other things. Our inner voice will tell us what we need, so just listen to it. It is about energy management and recharging.

Self-care is about understanding what our own needs and wants are.  It takes Awareness of what is important to us, making a plan + sticking to it. It is about committing to taking charge of our well-being first before we help others. Be mindful of how you feel + protective of your ENERGY!

I  would  like to share some tips that I try to follow:

  • Self-care could be to get off the phone with a person who brings you down
  • Self-care is to stop beating yourself up for a mistake you made. People beat themselves up for various reasons. You missed out on discounted items at the store.

Remember when COVID hit how many people had to cancel their cruise, their vacation. Take the loss and move on.

Some people think that self-care is a waste of time. The American way is that a successful person is always accomplishing. If we were taught that sitting in the park and relaxing for two hours was praiseworthy, we would be proud of taking care of ourselves in that way.

Please know that our culture is working against us, and we feel guilty for doing what we should be doing.

COVID forced all of us to slow down and to come to a complete ‘HALT’. I was forced to learn how ‘NOT’ to work and find other things to keep me busy and engaged. No, I did not clean my garage, no I did not go crazy painting the inside of my house. I learned to enjoy the quiet, the quiet mind, and a quiet body to follow. I learned just to ‘be’, to be in the moment. When we listen to our own needs we find that self-care is restorative. It makes us happier and gives us more stamina. Here are just a few that are important to me:

  1. Permit Yourself to have downtime.
  2. A lack of self-care will cause us stress.
  1. Stretch your body.

Anxiety tends to hijack the body. While everyone stores anxiety in different spots, common areas are the jaw, hips, and shoulders.

  1. Take a shower.

Taking a shower after a rough day always makes us feel better. We are washing all stress from us.

  1. Speak compassionately to yourself.

Just watch that negative Self-talk and speak with kindness to yourself.

  1. Practice mindfulness/Thoughts

Ask yourself ‘how am I feeling’ today and pay attention to what is bothering you.

  1. Eliminated ‘unhealthy’ relationships out of your life.

No need to bother with people who are not enhancing your life.

  1. Finances

You have enough money to pay your bills. You have enough income and money in the bank. You are handling money responsibly. You live within your means. A peace of mind that you are on top of things.

Remember, it is a journey and it takes time. Practice and make the commitment that you will do this every single day. Wishing you great success.

Mariette Kammerer, Director of The Healing Mind Magazine, Radio Broadcaster, Business + Life Coach, Author.