We mentioned the importance of Self-Care for our health in the December 2020 issue. Being able to voice our opinion and speak our minds is an absolute must and definitely falls under this category. Many people experience going through life without a ‘voice’ and believe that they are not worthy to be heard, nor that they really matter. If you are such a believer, we must help you to make changes in your life. It is not possible that you are living nor experiencing happiness in your life, without being able to express yourself fully at any given time.

I would ask myself the following questions:

Why am I afraid of voicing what I think in general? What would happen if I started voicing my thoughts? What am I really afraid of? Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen if I do speak up?

If you do not learn to speak up for yourself, you will never be able to protect another human being. You can’t stand up for yourself, how could you possibly protect a child or a loved one in need? Learning to speak your mind openly is about changing your attitude – you must believe that what you’re saying is worth being heard.

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Mariette Kammerer, Director of The Healing Mind Magazine, Radio Broadcaster, Business + Life Coach, Author.